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Expertise is a duty.

The ability to manage decision-making processes in an independent manner lies at the heart of the success our company has achieved.

Having started out as a two-man operation, Komm Logistik has developed into a medium-sized logistics company of great renown over the course of several generations. The founders of our company set the benchmarks by which we operate today and will continue to operate in future.

We are visionary, we realise our visions in a robust manner, we secure our achievements and we respond to changes in the market with imagination and intuition.

Your aims are at the heart of everything we do.

Komm Logistik acts in the very best interests of every single customer in adopting a cooperative approach to the fulfilment of jointly defined objectives. We deliver effective and trail-blazing logistics concepts including increasing the efficiency of production locations, enhancement of distribution processes and cost reduction plans. This is the yardstick by which we measure our own individual performance. Seize the opportunity to gain a sustainable competitive edge by securing optimum availability and functionality for your products and systems. Our teams of experts will work hand in hand with you to achieve this.

Short routes are the key to customer satisfaction.

In its capacity as an owner-managed company, Komm Logistik has always been characterised by dynamism and flexibility. The extremely personal nature of the guidance we provide and the fact that general management services are delivered by a fixed contact partner are also key aspects of the way we operate. Cost-friendly corporate structures and the ability to provide rapid and direct information also both constitute specific benefits for our customers. The best evidence of our specialist logistics expertise comes in the form of the loyalty displayed by our customers, many of whom have been extensively involved with us for periods of 10 and even 20 years.

Continuity across the board.

All service divisions at Komm Logistik work in close conjunction with one another to ensure a high degree of efficiency. Every member of staff is fully aware of our performance standards and is informed of all changes and further developments on an ongoing and timely basis. Our employees have developed their expertise over a period of many years. The team's commitment and understanding is reflected in the loyalty our customers display.

An investment in the future.

Highly qualified staff are required in order to deliver excellent services. For this reason, we attach particular importance to the investment we make in our employees as well as to our capital expenditure on state-of-the-art and effective IT and vehicle technology. We offer our staff training provision and opportunities to pursue continuing training. The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce has recognised Komm Logistik as training provider for many decades. We deliver vocational education and training in a number of occupations (freight forwarding and logistics services clerk, warehouse logistics operator, heavy goods driver). We also offer a Bachelor of Arts course of study in Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics.

Komm Logistik ...a name to rely on

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